Friday 14 March 2014

St Patrick's Event

Each year we celebrate St. Patrick's day because, well, who doesn't love the Irish? The full details of the 5 day event are listed below. Enjoy!

Irish Dressup

Dress your profile up with an Irish theme and enter into the competition to win a bunch of free plasma! If you want to enter, post your profile on the entry page on the St. Patrick's section of the Dead City. The top 5 will win a plasma prize, and all valid entries will win some free gold coins. As an example, I've done mine up.

Leprechaun Gold

Hiding in Greenwood are sneaky Leprechauns. They're hiding in all the nooks and crannies of Greenwood. Go and find them and steal some of their gold! You can buy drinks at the Dead City Green Bar with the gold you find over there.

VIP/Plasma Special

No event is the same without a good special. Head over to the Buy VIP/Plasma page to see all the awesome value packs available to you.

Everyone gets a free drink on me!

Enjoy the event!


Carlos Lincoln Marks said...

On account of the angels, demons and vampires, then, the luck of the Irish is here to stay.

Unknown said...

When do we know who won?

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