Monday 24 March 2014

Achievements List 8

Stupid ISP's

I am currently internetless. Have been since last week. I've changed my broadband package and my ISP (Sky) have made a huge mess up in getting a new router sent to me. It should have arrived last Tuesday, and then today... and now it's Friday. Without getting all angry about it again, at least you know why I've been absent. I apologise, and will be catching up on things and blood letters today. I've got a 3G stick with some credit now to last this week, but that's painfully slow. Saying that, here are some updates for you...

Achievements List 8

Achievements list 8 is now ready for your efforts! There's a few unknown ones (as there was with list 7), these spots are saved for features currently in development.

I've been asked about giving hints to the previous achievements list secrets. So I've made it a little bit easier, and given, albeit vague, hints on each of the secret achievements. You'll find those on the incomplete achievement lists.

Top Profiles

Thanks for everyone who took part in the St. Patrick's day profile makeover. There were some great ones! My favourites are listed below, and all the others I liked are listed below them. All prizes have been given out. I hope you enjoyed the event, and enjoy the prizes!

Fabian Constantine (129755) 
Grumpy Shamrock (208663) 
Black Gardenia (636232) 

Thanks & enjoy the week,

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