Tuesday 11 March 2014

23 Updates

Updates Updates Updates

I've been on an update spree today! No major changes, just lots of little ones. I've started a new thread in the forum about what updates you'd like to see, so if there is any you can think of, post it here. I want to continue making Reign Of Blood as good as possible.

 The updates & fixes that have been made today:

  • New table header image and border setup. Less grey & more red!
  • 6 new emotes for everyone to use have been added
  • Move notifications box above the stat box on the left option added (account page)
  • Tidied up the grammar and capitalisation of the notification texts
  • The day has been added to Dead City's date
  • New battle/war exp stats now properly reset when leaving a coven
  • Game ID displayed on the new forums is no longer a profile link
  • Help chat content now displays the correct font
  • Extra characters allowed when editing posts to accomodate "RE:"
  • You can now rate RP characters
  • Delete all blood letters from a particular sender after ID search
  • Minion image size increased from 75x75 to 125x125
  • Increased Demeter's custom text character limit
  • Quest boxes now open on click, and page anchors removed
  • New vote site added and some voting structure changes
  • VIP Credits page has been updated with quick trading links & new layout
  • Changed the available VIP Credit packs to just a 30 VIP pack.
  • You can now buy VIP+ pack with 2 VIP Credits
  • House VIP and Coven VIP credits removed, all now done through normal VIP Credits
  • VIP Credits have been added to the Auction House
  • Potion Credits have been added to the Auction House
  • Status update character limit increased
  • Competitions forum board added

VIP Credits

As you can see above, there's been a few changes to VIP credits which I'd like to explain a little further here. Basically, I've discarded house VIP and coven VIP credits. If you have any left over, you can still use them. But from now on, it'll all be done through VIP credits. The VIP credit page now tells you all the information you need to know. House and coven VIP are now both bought using the same VIP credits you use to trade for VIP yourself. It just makes more sense this way. Makes it easier to use,  and easier for buying and trading. 

The packs available for VIP credits, are a 31 day VIP pack for 1 credit, and now a 31 day VIP+ pack for 2 credits. VIP credits (as well as Potion Credits) now have a spot on the Auction House too.

VIP Credits are a great way for you to buy/trade VIP with other players safely, a great way to give out rewards to coven members (as they can be donated to covens.) They're also a good way of controlling your own VIP, being able to practically start your VIP days whenever you need it.

I hope you enjoy these little updates,

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