Monday 2 September 2013

September Quest Month

Plenty of quests to sink your teeth into


Battle AP Rage Event

Everybody loves the AP rage events. Killing killing killing. I'm glad you all liked it, and thank you so much to everyone who bought any of the special packs. We should do this event again sometime. (And thanks for all the birthday wishes!)

September Quest Month

So the moment you've been waiting for! 'September Quest Month' starts right now. With the 1st September's quest being 'The Metal Man VI'. And today's quest being Minion Slayer. Each day this month (at midnight game time) a new quest will be added to the Quest Hall, so make sure you login and check back each day to see what new quests have been added.

There will be a total of 30 new quests added (to the over 130 we have already.) There will be 11 duration quests, and 19 rank 75 quests.

Edited to add: Server problems have been fixed. More information on what happened later. But everything seems to be back to normal, sorry for the inconvenience.

Have fun everyone!


Anonymous said...

Cant believe I'm gonna say this, BUT, I have missed the Metal Man.

Anonymous said...

YAY a new Metal Man ... and repeat Rage Week often it's my all time favorite ... more quests are awesome !!!

Galahad said...

Metal man again waaaaaaa!!!!!

Mortiana SaDiablo said...

Woot! Metal Man is back!

Anonymous said...

OMG Metal Man is back, I can't believe it!!!!!

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