Tuesday 10 September 2013

Possible Slowness

We've experienced 2 network card failures on one of our servers. So over the next 24 hours things might be a bit slower, especially at busy times. Server guys have an engineer booked for the morning to replace the failed hardware, and should be back to normal very soon.

Thanks for your patience, and hope you looking forward to the rest of the quests that Quest Month will be pumping out in the remainder of September.

I'll update this blog with any new information when I get it.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advance notice :-)

Anonymous said...

THanks ASh.. hope the server gets fixed soon

Blackwidow Tsu Night Shaw said...

I hope they know what they are doing Ash. The site keeps throwing me out to log in, when I try to send a BL, or train my pet.

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