Monday 26 August 2013

Birthday AP Rage Event

DarkAsh's Birthday Event

As it's my 25th Birthday on Friday (which is crazy since I started Reign Of Blood when I was 16-17), and following on from past events, we're going to have another event where all the Reign Of Blood vampires can have some fun. Nothing wrong with a bit of e-celebration to everyone's benefit.

7 Day Plasma Special
You can grab yourself a plasma bargain during the event (Some VIP days too,) and turn that juicy plasma into juicy AP. All packs come with FREE extra AP! Click here for full details.

Which leads to...

Battle AP Rage
It's been a while now since we've had a battle AP rage event. And I know how much you all like it, I get asked for it over and over. So for the next 7 days during the event, the battle AP rage is active! Head over to the AP Shack (also at the Dead City) for full information on FREE bonuses you get for spending AP!

There are a few presents hidden around the site, and they're addressed to me! Go find them,  hand them over to me, and as a reward, I'll give you half of what's in there. Can't ask for more fair than that. (This is for current players only.)

The event & special will end on September 2nd, when this kicks in...

September Quest Month

I've decided to name this years September; Quest Month. There are 30 days in September, and that means there will be 30 new quests next month. One for every single day. Sounds good, eh? Make sure you login daily to check out the new quest added that day.

September Competition

Write a quest competition! Write a quest for Reign Of Blood, have it created, and win plasma! Click here for full details.

Little Things

  • The time stamp on the coven chat now has the real time ticking clock for those who wanted it
  • Fixed the house forum links that pointed towards the coven forums
  • Fixed the 'staff' issue on the coven & house last posts page
  • Fixed a bug that didn't let you create RP forum boards without first creating normal coven boards
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow your in game husband/wife to read your family only blog posts

Enjoy the event,


Anonymous said...

Awesome.. Blood Rage Weeks are my All Time Favorite !!! September Quest month is great too & a Quest Writing Comp ... Well Ash you're like fine wine, you just keep getting better with age :-)

Unknown said...

Awesome as always Ash!!!

It's your birthday and we get presents too!!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday ash!!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Ash, and happy birthday,, I have already given you your first

Anonymous said...

Woo! Presents on my birthday ;)Birthday buds ftw! It's the best day to have been born

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ash and many more to come. ♥

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