Thursday 15 August 2013

Coven Relic Changes

Coven Power Relic Changes

I'm glad many of you enjoy the coven relic feature. It is pretty cool. Now it's been going for a couple weeks, its flaws and loopholes are starting to seep through. Remember, with most first versions of features, this is always possible. The main complaint is how turn hoarding it is when a larger coven has the relic. That's to their advantage. That's a plus of having lots of members in your coven. I have however, made a few adjustments from all the feedback on the forum, as well as from my own head. As the idea of this feature was to give every coven a chance to at least hold it once every now and then, these changes have been made:

Hidden Code Part 1:
The first part of the code remains the same for coven owners. You must first guess correctly in order to move onto the second part which requires a team effort from your coven.

Hidden Code Part 2:
A few notable changes to this part. Firstly, when a coven successfully acquires the relic and enjoys their 12 hours protection, the random player that holds the code will now be an active player. So it will randomly choose a coven member that has logged in Reign Of Blood in the last 2 weeks.

The coven owner (or co-owner) can still choose somebody else to place the relic on. But, that player must accept that responsibility. If a coven owner chooses not to move the relic code, or nobody accepts within the 12 hour period, the relic will stay on the random active player.

To go with this, the coven search page has been updated (link added to coven relic page too.)  There is a new "active search" section, where you can list all the active members of any coven. I.E the potential relic holders. A new "All" limit option has been added also.

The same strategies still apply, covens can protect their members in order to hold onto the relic for as long as possible.

Covens get the same 12 hour protection as before. With a slight change. To help stop further monopolising of the relic. After you've had the relic for 36 hours, it is returned to the Coven Power Relic Guardian. If this ever happens, it is easy to steal the relic. The coven owner just needs to guess the first part correctly. But to stop people just waiting for that time out and going for the easy steal, the coven power relic becomes instantly steal-able as soon as you get it. It also doesn't count towards your steal count.

I have updated the layout a little bit, and fixed a bunch of bugs too. There is also one more thing I've added, which I will release to the public in the coming weeks. I hope you approve and enjoy these changes, and the discussion can continue on this thread.

I have created a FAQ which fully explains this system as it stands today.

Little Things

  • Relationship forum sig issue has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug that stopped you from joining new covens after you disbanded a coven you bought off an auction (how rare that actually is)


July Competition Winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted a survey. Everyone who completed each answer has been given a QP. And the 3 Reign Of Blood Wristband winners are Alegna McClellan~Raynes (520460)Tancman (248616) and Graey, The Phuri Dae. (289510). Please blood letter me with your shipping address.

I'd also like to thank you for all your kind words. I've learned a lot where people's focuses are, what they like, and don't like. I will do this often to keep up to date with feedback.

Lottery Double Rollover

The lottery has hit another double rollover! As there has been 2 rollovers in a row, that means that this week there will be guaranteed winners. The jackpot currently sits at over $400million. Click here to get some tickets.

Enjoy the rest of the week,


Anonymous said...

Just a small question:

"[guardian] going for the easy steal, the coven power relic becomes instantly steal-able as soon as you get it."

This still requires your coven owner to guess Code One, right? Or does this skip right to Code Two?

DarkAsh said...

Skips part 2.

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