Thursday, 27 November 2008

Server upgrade and downtime

To help conquer some of the lag you are getting (which is natural with the growth of RoB over the last month or so) i have paid to upgrade the server!

Upgrading to : Quad Core X3210, 2.13GHz/2x4M 1066FSB

Which is over double the processing power of the current CPU.

This will be installed in the next few days or during of next week, there will be a small amout of downtime, up to an hour maximum. I'll make another post when it's installed.


†Nixdorf† said...

Rocking Awesome Ash ^_^

That probably cost a lot, and I wish I could donate more then $5 a week -.-

DarkAsh said...

Works out around $500.

Anonymous said...

Oh nice Ashie! I'll buy my $50 plasma pack in 20 days :)

Anonymous said...

sounds great =p

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