Thursday 27 November 2008

Server upgrade and downtime

To help conquer some of the lag you are getting (which is natural with the growth of RoB over the last month or so) i have paid to upgrade the server!

Upgrading to : Quad Core X3210, 2.13GHz/2x4M 1066FSB

Which is over double the processing power of the current CPU.

This will be installed in the next few days or during of next week, there will be a small amout of downtime, up to an hour maximum. I'll make another post when it's installed.


†Nixdorf† said...

Rocking Awesome Ash ^_^

That probably cost a lot, and I wish I could donate more then $5 a week -.-

DarkAsh said...

Works out around $500.

Anonymous said...

Oh nice Ashie! I'll buy my $50 plasma pack in 20 days :)

Anonymous said...

sounds great =p

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