Monday 10 November 2008

HTML in profiles

HTML is allowed again in profiles... for now.  As it cannot be totally secure it may have to be stopped. Or the following:

- HTML will be have to be checked by staff before being saved.
- Use forum codes like [b] etc instead.

i need to think this through, i know lots of you like using HTML, but security is more important. You get stick the HTML in your profiles now no problem, click on the "see old profile code link" when editing your profile to grab your old code.

I'll update you further by the end of the week.


Anonymous said...

I hope you let us keep HTML :/ What's so security threatening that people couldn't use it?

Anonymous said...

What did you mean by Html's must be checked by staff first? How actually?

†Nixdorf† said...

I hope we can still have Photobucket pictures and Music players in our profile. I always remove the links advertising the Music player before I post.

Anonymous said...

Without HTML it makes it harder to show our personality... I hope you don't get rid of it. This site won't be near as interesting.

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