Saturday 29 November 2014

Coven Conflict v2 Phase 1

Coven Conflict Status

Last month I started a discussion in the forum about where people are in their views of the current coven conflict system. Now the database clean up it at a good level, I can move my focus to getting this done. It will be done in 5 phases, of which I will describe in more detail below.

Phase 1 Complete

Phase 1 is the Coven Power Relic. Although this might be tweaked again at a later date depending the rewards for the newer systems, I've made some changes to it based of general feedback over the last few months.

New Relics

There are now 3 coven power relics, instead of just 1 as before. They include:

Coven Boost Relic   +10% PvP coven exp
Blood Boost Relic   +10% PvP blood
Turn Boost Relic   Small chance to have a turn replenished after a battle

To go with this update, the whole coven power relic page has been given a whole new look. And, to help stop some reported abuse of the relic, a few further changes have been made. The first and second part of the code are now unique to each coven, so only your coven can hunt and find the code. Using your covens code in other covens entry will not work. The ability to choose a player to hold the code has also been removed, its now completely random. To keep the relic flowing more, I've decided that a coven can only hold one relic at a time. So you will see 3 different covens occupying the 3 different relics at all times. The FAQ (which is linked to on the page) has been updated with all the new information.

The Phases

Here is a general overview of the phases that will complete the new coven conflict system.

Phase 1 - Coven Power Relic updated with new relics
Phase 2 - War Of Covens update with an all out war one day a week
Phase 3 - Part 1 of the new coven battle system, raids.
Phase 4 - Part 2 of the new coven battle system, skirmishes.
Phase 5 - Part 3 of the new coven battle system, invasion.

I hope you Americans had a good thanksgiving. The Black Friday special pack will remain on until Thursday the 1st December, so get your packs in before then!

Enjoy the weekend,

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