Saturday 7 April 2012

Easter Event 2012

Easter Event 2012
The Easter event is now up! Go to Greenwood to catch chickens, battle to steal chocolate, trade both for chocolate candy eggs and nom nom! Head to the Dead City for more information on the event.

Of course there is an Easter special so you can get your hands on some cheaper plasma and more eggs!

Staff applications
Thank you to everyone who has applied to the RP moderator and helper staff positions. We should have some details on our decisions soon, thank you for the huge amount of support people have for this game :)

This is a big month for RoB... stay tuned :)



Galahad said...

I thought we are not celebrating Easter! Great news Ash. And it is anniversary month! Nom!

† Kisu Killjoy Barbie † said...

Sounds kewl enough, Ash.

Anonymous said...

good going ash loving the game

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping the great stuff coming :-)

Asthenia Dawn said...

Shoot, I meant to apply for moderator... Oh well, I'll keep the due dates in mind next time. Busy month indeed!
Oh, and those chickens are hilarious.

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