Friday 24 October 2014

Halloween Event

Halloween Event [THE INFECTED]

Yes, it's time for some Halloween fun again! This year's event is two fold. Firstly, The Dead City Infected, and The Haunted House.

The Haunted House
The Dead City Haunted house if full of ghostly beings. And what do you ghostly beings have that a vampire would want to steal? Their souls. Go soul hunting in the Haunted House, consume their souls and feel the power. The house is a bit light hearted and fun, those poor poor ghosts.

Dead City Infected
There is an outbreak of infection in the Dead City! Turning vampires into zombified rotting monsters. Luckily, the outbreak is controlled by a vampire that created the virus, and he wants to wreck havoc across the land. If you want to join his cause spreading this infection, visit him at Dead City to find out how you can spread the infection to your enemies.

When you're infected, the blood you get in battle is reduced by 5%, as your energy start suck the blood from your victims start to drain. The effects, luckily, only last up to an hour, and at half past all victims are cured. But, you can also get rid of your infection right away by passing it onto someone else.

You get bonuses for infecting someone, and a total count is kept of how many vampires you infected, with prizes you can claim based on that amount. Head to the Dead City for more information.

And to make it even more better,  there is a current boost section in the Halloween section of Dead City. It is currently DOUBLE WP.

Of course there is a beautiful VIP/plasma special, click here for details.

Database cleanup

Thank you all for your continued patience as I work on streamlining the database. If you've been paying attention to the updates page you'll be able to see what I'm up to. The only things that are less is migrating some of the old quests and putting some more things on auto-delete. This should be complete by the end of the month, and I'll make a blog post with all the changes I made.

Enjoy the event,

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