Monday 14 April 2014

New Vadenhill

Vadenhill Updates

At the end of last month, I made a pretty huge update to the much loved Spring Valley. To go along with that, I have also made a few updates to Vadenhill too.

New updates & changes made to Vadenhill:
  • New background image for harvested human, and new red X for an empty slot
  • A general new upgraded look. Removed drop down menu and replaced with links
  • New top section, similar to Spring Valley, with information and portal/help links
  • Everyone can now hold up to 40 humans, up from the 25 before. VIP members can hold up to 60, VIP+ can hold up to 100.
  • Removed the human no longer being ripe outcome
  • Increased the juiciness amounts (before, 10 for everyone, up to 12 for VIP, up 15 for VIP+) to between 10 and 11 for everyone, between 10 and 13 for VIP, and between 10 and 16 for VIP+
  • Hourly feeds must be redeemed (anti-cheat measure). Payouts the same as before
  • Reduced the chance of a failed harvest by 25%
  • New dispose option which incorporates killing and donating to coven
  • Donating to coven now yields twice as much experience for the coven
  • Vadenhill help guide updated and made more clear
  • Serum found in Spring Valley can be used on your harvested humans

Coven Conflict Updates

Over the last couple months, covens have been playing around with the new Coven Conflict System, which includes Coven Battles and the War Of Covens. After watching people use it and reading the feedback, here are the changes made to the coven battles starting tonight.

- New base exp for winning a battle is 20% of your coven exp bar
- If your attacking battle experience is more than their defending experience you get +20%
- If target coven is higher than half of your coven level you get +20%
- Bonus exp based on target level. Extra % from the value of target level / 20

Fulfilling all of the above gives you +100% (+more based on the target coven level) of your coven exp bar for the battle.

The coven ranking page, and the top covens page all now show the new battle system stats.

New Help Pages

Tizzie and I have been spending some time redoing the help files.  It now live, and has a new general help page layout to go with it. If there is anything missing or incorrect, feel free to blood letter Tizzie so we can get it added as quickly as possible.


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