Friday 18 October 2013

Halloween Event!

Halloween Event 2013


One of my favourite times of the year is upon us! Let's celebrate in style.


Who knew that vampire lovers like zombies so much? A high demand for a zombie event has made me decide to have one again this Halloween.

CALLING ALL DEAD CITY VAMPIRES! Zombies have again started to fight their way through the portal and spreading across the Dead City. Stop them from coming in and spreading too far. Each vampire can defeat 75 zombies a day, we need as many vampires fighting back the horde as we possibly can! Head to the Dead City [Zombie attack!] link to fight!

Zombie Kills

Kill up to 75 zombies per day. If you kill a zombie that isn't too rotted, you can  slice off their head and take them to Dempan at the Dead City. He wants them. You can also earn your coven experience helping to fight off the horde.

FREE Trick Or Treat

Once a day you can get a FREE trick-or-treat. Although the treats outweigh the tricks, it's a gamble. You must suffer (if any) consequences! Spooky, eh? Use at your own risk.

Head Collector

So you got some zombie heads from killing zombies? Head to the [Head Trading] Dead City link to trade your zombie heads.

Halloween Profiles

Have you created a halloween profile this month? You can show it off at the halloween profile page. By entrering this months competition, your profile will be displayed on this page. You can still enter by going to the competition page.

You also have the ability to give one thumbs up to another profile that you like per day. (This does also show up on your profiles.)

View the Halloween section of the Dead City for full information of the events features.

Halloween Special!

Halloween wouldn't be the same without the ability to buy some VIP and plasma at great prices. Over the last couple of weeks the amount of "When is the Halloween special going to happen?" I've had. Well... now! Head over to Buy VIP/Plasma page to see all the available special packs. All the packs come with extra goodies on top of the VIP and Plasma. (P.S there is a little bonus that you can get that's explained when you buy a plasma pack this special.)

The event will continue until Monday 4th November. Enjoy!

Further New Layout Notices

Just in case you've not noticed yet, we've got a gorgeous new in-game layout. After launching and receiving (rather overwhelmingly) positive feedback, we did make a couple changes and some compromises. Here are a few more changes to it:

  • Coven pages still not working? Change your layout back to RoB-Lite or Gargoyle and go back, or click here. (Azz has come up with some new coven code also.)
  •  The top info bar solved some problems, but created others (depends on how you personally play the game.) So there is now an extra option to have the top bar floated at the top of the page.
  • Homepage screenshots have been updated.

I've also got some interesting stuff in the works, especially for high ranked players.

Enjoy the event

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Katrina Crane said...

Awesome Ash ... and of course, Azzazel for making things easier to maneuver; most of all for the phenomenal gift you have for giving the game (and Ash) what's desired in a beautiful layout. :) You both ROCK for superb collaboration!!! *grins*

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