Monday 18 January 2010

Wallie Pre-Paid card now accepted on RoB!

Sexy badge? I think so.

Good afternoon everyone. I unfortunately have come down with a major case of man flu so I haven't got much done the last couple days. Saying that, the contracts are complete for the first of the two pre-paid in store cards to be accepted on RoB.

ReignOfBlood is now accepting the WALLIE CARD. These are most popular in the UK and Europe. In the UK they are at every street corner, every Co-Op, Tesco, Asda, Spar, Nisa, they're everywhere that has a paypoint. Also WHSmith and Clintons. They are also in a few popular places around Europe.

The Wallie Card is available in the USA (which is like 70% of the player base), and I made sure of this. Although, it is not that popular. << If you put your town or postcode in there, it'll show up if any stores near you sell it. They have only just started pushing the card is the USA so as time goes on they will be more common.

As for the other pre-paid card (the one in walmart etc)  I have to do some talking with my accountant as I have to register my company in a different way to get accepted. I assure I will do what I can but don't expect too soon. For now though, the Wallie Card is now accepted, everything should work okay, it should add right away when you enter the card number.

Head on over to the VIP page and take a look around and let me know your feedback. Sorry it's not available everywhere across America, but I'm working on it.

It is currently only available in UK,USA & Europe (some countries). Any questions? Please let me know.



Blood Shard said...

Man Flu,,lol
Wait,still Laughing,,OK,,OK,,I think I'm good,,
Ok,,I hope you fill better soon,,*smiles*
Wallie card,,I will check into it,,Very Nice,,
Thank You,,Ash,,

AdmetaConstantine^9 said...

Man Flu. Typical xD
The wallie card website, is in german or something xD Well for me it is.
Wish you the best in recovering from "Man Flu"

DarkAsh said...

Then head to :

Anonymous said...

What is "Man Flu"?!

Anonymous said...

Man flu is when men whine and cry about feeling like shit lol Feel better Ash!

Anonymous said...

:o man flu lmao
thanks for all the hard work ash

Anonymous said...

are these cards in Canada as well?

OuP said...

Good work on the card, But I told you not to steal my beer I was Ill :P

SlayerXIII_Boudiccas_Line said...

roflmao ... Man flu? Now that's one I've not heard before Ash ... *still on floor* Well done on all the work ... and hope you feel better soon! :) Man flue my ass ... *looks around to see if it's still there*

Anonymous said...

Too bad I just spent all my money.

Anonymous said...

Feel Better Ash!

Unknown said...

I think I got it to. Cough,Cough.:) Good job on the game cards Ash.

Kashka DeLaRosa said...

Thank you! *Runs to go buy*

Lady Death said...

*waits for the other card with baited breat*

Gabriella DeathWish said...

I hope you feel better sweety, the flu is some nasty stuff...Plenty of rest and fluids is the best thing. Thanks for everything, I will look into if its located near me. :)

Guildythewicked said...

I just found out we have Circle Ks here. LOL Who knew. Thanks Ash. Feel better.

Ekkie said...

Apparently, the nearest one to me is South Carolina, even when I zoomed into my house D:

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