Saturday 3 January 2015

Equipment Updates

New Equipment Page

Welcome to your brand new equipment page. There have been some changes and additions which I will now walk you through. Sitting comfy?

The overall design of the page has been updated. I've tried to make it much more compact, so you can see all your equipped items without having to scroll. There are a few new equipment types here, which will be explained shortly.

I have tidied up the hover over information boxes too. I have also added hover over ? around the page for quick hints on different sections if you ever forget.

Unequipped items now have their own sections, so if you have a lot of one item it won't stretch down the page leaving huge gaps on the opposite column. They're grouped in two's now.

For your convenience, you will notice a "coven" link next to the unequipped items. Clicking this link will take you straight to the coven donation page, with that item automatically ticked for you, ready for you to confirm.

Equip Collectibles

As most of you know, you can head to Ghost Town and lend Pentagu your collectibles, and he'll give you a QP for the effort. Now, I'm taking collectibles one step further, by allowing you to equip them. You can still claim the QP as before, I'm not taking that away. But you can now equip up to 20 collectibles.

What do equipped collectibles do? They give you a vampire battle blood boost. A small boost, but a boost nonetheless. And as times goes on, and as new collectibles are added, they'll get better and better.

The collectibles do now have a section on the bottom of the equipment page. But I have also updated the inventory page to show more information about the collectibles you have.

A common request in regards to collectibles is wanting more. So now there are 10 collectibles available throughout the game for you to explore and collect, including 5 new ones (the lottery winning one is no longer available).

Dagger Changes

This icon appears on the left side by your life bar when you're poisoned

Many of you loved the infecting of the Halloween event this year. And some people even suggested that's how the poison dagger should work. And I completely agree. So the poison dagger system has been changed as follows.

When you are poisoned the blood you get from battles is reduced by 5%. You can cure your poison with either of these 3 options. 1) Buy the antidote at the Dead City Potion Shop. 2) Throw a poison dagger at someone else to pass it along. 3) Wait until half past the hour, when everyone gets cured.

New Equip Type: RAGE STONE

Today I'm happy to announce a new equipment type (as you can see, it has its own little spot on the first screenshot), which are RAGE STONES.  Rage stones increase your overall stats, not just direct damage. Which means this is the first equipment type that directly increases your speed. The crafter of these delicious stones is of course Parch in Thermoden. When rank 50, you can head over there and get yourself one. It's not just cash he requires, you also need to round up odd items for payment also.

Once you've chosen a stone, you can equip it and get the boosts from it. What's even better about these stones is they can be upgraded. The more vampire battles you win, the more you can upgrade it.  All can be explored at Thermoden.

I have added extra information on the Pawn Shop to highlight new uses for those items, so people don't just go ahead and sell for cash without exploring the stones first.

Stones are currently bound to you. If they ever were to be traded or donated, they would be tradable in their default stats, just like with weapons and their level.

Finally, items found to buy these stones can be traded on the market. Which will help little guys make some money, and please the lazy guys with too much.

I hope you like these updates.
Enjoy the weekend,

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